Team Technocrats has participated in various events especially focusing on the Asia-Pacific compeition 'Robocon'. It is an annual robot contest which has been held since 2002, just for university, college and polytechnic students in the Asia-Pacific region. Under a common set of rules, participants will compete with their peers from other countries to create a robot using their creative and technological skills within an open competition. This contest aims to foster friendship among young people with similar interests, as well as help advance engineering and broadcasting technologies in the region. This event will be broadcast in your country through an ABU member broadcaster.Since 2002, the event has been held in Thailand, Korea, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Japan and Egypt. Our last four major participations are as below.

The next year’s ABU Robocon will be held in 2016 Bangkok. The contest theme is "Chai-Yo : Clean Energy Recharging the World”.
ABU Robocon 2016 is designed in order to create the awareness of efficient energy consumption and clean and renewable energy utilization. Each team has to build two robots; Eco Robot and Hybrid Robot. Eco Robot doesn’t have an actuator to drive. It receives the driving energy from Hybrid Robot. Eco Robot has to use only one steering actuator to control its direction, to track the path containing Slopes and Hills, River, and Down Hill. Besides providing driving energy to Eco Robot, Hybrid Robot has to take Wind Turbine Propeller from Eco Robot and climb up Wind Turbine Pole in order to assemble Wind Turbine.

The ABU Robocon 2015 was held in August in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The contest theme was "Robominton-Badminton RoboGame". In the contest, the 2 teams (red and blue) had to play the game of badminton against each other. Each team made 2 robots to play a normal doubles badminton game.

Two (2) teams play various game activities in the park with their Parent robot and Child robot. The Parent robot has to carry Child robot up-to the play zone and the Child robot plays game activity. Each team plays three (3) game activities such as Seesaw, Pole walk and Swing.
Once the Child Robot completes three (3) activities, it can challenge the fourth game activity, which is set in the middle of the park.The team successfully completing the fourth game activity first; accomplishes “SHABAASH” (appreciation) and is declared “The Winner”.

The theme for Robocon 2013 was Green Planet. A team is declared winner if it can complete the task by throwing bud on moon. Each team had to design 2 Robots, 1 manual and 1 autonomous. The manual robot was designed such to pick seven leaves using pneumatically controlled grippers, place three in the manual zone and carry the rest four leaves to the automatic zone for the Automatic Robot.